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    1st Day: Departure from Zagreb Airport towards Velika Gorica.

    Visit Modić-Bedeković Manor in Donja Lomnica
    Situated on the edge of the settlement on a mild plateau under a big old lime-tree, the Modić–Bedeković manor is one of the rare preserved examples of autochthonous housing construction, timber manors of the Turopolje nobility. It was built in 1806. The type of the construction was observed here too, as well as in other such facilities – on the ground floor are farm buildings, on the first floor – rooms. Everything has kept a touch of the past here, and the original appearance of the interior has been preserved to a good extent.

    Visit Turopolje Museum in Velika Gorica
    For forty years it has been a site you can’t possibly avoid if you want to learn something more about the history of this region. Newly restored building, it itself played a great role in town’s rich history, because it was the former town hall of the Noble Commune of Turopolje.

    Visit Andautonia
    On the right bank of the Sava River, in the region of Posavina there is the village of Ščitarjevo famous for the findings of the Roman Town of Andautonia. Andautonia was built along the main Roman road Siscia-Poetovio (Sisak-Ptuj), close to the so called Sava Highway, another main Roman road going from Emona (Ljubljana) to Sisak and even further east. Andautonia, which was built in the shape of an elongated hexagon, had waterworks, public baths and a port on the Sava. After the migration of the peoples it went to ruin. During its time, from the 1st to the 4th century it was the administrative, political and cultural centre of the region.

    Eco-village Gradunje
    By following the tradition of this wine-rich area, Eco-village Gradunje tend to recreate former rural life with its authentic wooden houses, ecological food and meals. Walk along Eco-village.

    Wine tasting at Stjepan Jarec and Kristijan Kure Vinery
    Vineyards around Sv. Ivan Zelina are among the finest in the county. There is long tradition of winemaking. The main variety and the most famous wine is White Pinot. Overnight in Samobor.

    Hotel Livadić is located in the charming main square of Samobor which is the centre of all the local events. The hotel is situated in an angular one-story building built in 1800 and is protected cultural monument of 1 st category, it is also the place of birth of the architect Franjo Gabrić. (1877-1941). The hotel was named after a well known Croatian composer Ferdo Livadić.

    2nd Day: Guided tour of Samobor with stop for coffee and Samobor speciality – custard slice (includes visit to Samobor Museum). Picturesque little town, Samobor, is situated in the fertile Sava river area, at the base of Samobor Range. It is a true example of a city-museum. Every house, square and street has its own historic story. Its rich history is captured in the medieval castle ruins seen above today's city as well as in numerous objects exhibited in the Samobor City Museum. It is renowned for its cuisine offer and attractive events, amongst which the most famous is one held during the Carnival season. Departure for Eco-village Žumberak

    Eco-village Žumberak was set up in 1994 within the Žumberak-Samobor Range Nature Park in the picturesque Rakovice stream canyon and has since been considered its most visited tourist centre. Visitors can experience absolute wilderness, a prehistoric connection with the surrounding untouched nature, with the warmth of the traditional all encompassed by the smell of the wild west. (Posibility of quad riding along the Žumberak hills). After lunch return to Samobor. Dinner and overnight.

    3rd day: Excursions and wine tasting on hillsides of the Plešivica-Okić vineyards.
    Tourist drive along a panoramic road Samobor – Rude – Plešivica – Jastrebarsko. Visit St. Mary’s Church in Jastrebarsko.
    Wine tasting at Tomac Vinery: Tomac vineyards are located on the sunny and steep hillsides of the Plešivica-Okić vineyards, at the prominent sites of Šipkovice i Bresnice. Heavenly vineyards give grapes with the best characteristics. At 4 hectares Tomac family nurtures: Graševina, Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay Premier, Sauvignon, Vetlinac Red, Portugiser Noir, Plavec and Šipelj, as well as Štajer Belin and Portugais Rose. The wine sorts are rich in content and as such give a distincitve taste, smell and aroma.

    Wine tasting in Mladina Vinery: Thirty kilometres southeast from Zagreb, in a land of unrepeatable beauty located on the hill slopes and vales of the Plešivica Hills, as far as the eye can see, there unfold lines of high quality grapevines. The distinct location, favourable microclimate and 1000-year experience of supreme grape sorts make this region unique. Plešivice wines from Mladine are distinct in their refined
    taste, aroma and always entice another sip. All this contributes to
    creating a comfortable and relaxing state of mind.   

    Transfer to Zagreb Airport.

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