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    Croatia, a country of more than thousand islands, is one of the most attractive Mediterranean destinations. It's situated at the meeting point of the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonian plains. The characteristics of each have merged into a unique and charming harmony of opposites.

    Although its main attraction is the Adriatic coast and islands, Croatia is full of surprises and challenges, like the woods of Gorski Kotar, the mountainous region between Northern Croatia and the Croatian coast close to the sea which attracts nature lovers, mountaineers, hikers, winter sports fans and hunters. Then there is Lika, the region separated from the sea by the huge mountain of Velebit.

    The Baroque castles and thermal spas of Hrvatsko Zagorje, the region of Podravina, between the river Drava and the wooded slopes of Bilogora, and the fertile plains of Slavonija - all this is Croatia.

    Of the eight national parks, four are in the mountains - North Velebit, Risnjak, Paklenica and Plitvica Lakes, and four are on the coast - Kornati, Mljet, Brijuni and Krka. Lakes, waterfalls, small uninhabited islands, beautiful meadows and forests, cliffs, caves, rare animal specious...

    Croatia is one of the ecologically best preserved parts of Europe. Besides national parks, many landscapes are covered with beautiful natural parks with untouched beauty.

    Join us and enjoy them!

    • Biokovo Botanical Garden - challenge to hikers, climbers and paragliders
    • Kopački Rit - A zoological and botanical reserve that is among the largest and best preserved wetlands of Europe
    • Lonjsko Polje - The largest nature park in Central Croatia with forests of common oak, bird and fish reserves and village Čigoč, the first European village of storks
    • Medvednica Mountain - The mountain rising above Zagreb with forest reserve - challenge for hikers and mountain bikers
    • Telaščica on Island Dugi Otok - A 7 km-long fjord-like bay on the island of Dugi otok, with a sea water lake and attractive cliffs facing the sea – favorites destination for sailors
    • Velebit Mountain - A mountain system which encompasses two national parks - the most interesting destination among the mountaineers, climbers, mountain biker and for those who are looking for eco-adventure
    • Učka Mountain - A 1,400 m-high and 20 km-long mountain in Istria that is rich in forests of laurel, sweet chestnut, oak and beech - popular destination for both mountaineers and the paragliding fans.
    • Žumberak - In the near vicinity of Zagreb; mountain pastures - a challenge for walkers, hikers, riders and mountain biking
    • Papuk Mountain - A mountain rising above Vallis Aurea (Golden Valley) near Požega - ideal for hiking and biking tours.
    • Vransko Lake - An ornithological reserve - A rich game fishing ground that is also of interest to canoeists and bird watchers.
    • Lastovo Islands - the youngest Croatian Nature Park. Come to Lastovo and enjoy this untouched beauty of nature.
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