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    Ferdinand Budicki – Zagreb’s Automobilistic Icon


    Travel programme:

    Day 1: Arrival to Zagreb. Transfer to hotel, check-in and lunch. Visit to the Ferdinand Budicki Motor Car Museum, presentation of the Museum with a guided tour, short lecture on the history and beginnings of automobilism in Croatia, with a particular emphasis on the life of Ferdinand Budicki, after whom the Museum was named. Dinner and overnight stay.

    Day 2: Breakfast. Sightseeing of the city with oldtimers, with special emphasis on beginnings of automobilism in the city. Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight stay.

    Day 3: Driving to Varaždin with oldtimers– reflection of the first Croatian motor car rally held in 1912 Zagreb-Varaždin-Zagreb, won by the famous architect of the time Vjekoslav Heinzel, well-known for his numerous and often awarded buildings in Zagreb. Stopping on the way at the Old Village Museum in Kumrovec. Driving to Desinić and visiting the Veliki Tabor castle. Lunch at the farm of Grešna gorica. Driving to Trakošćan Castle and visiting the Castle. Driving to Varaždin, checking in the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

    Day 4: After breakfast sightseeing of Varaždin and visiting Vinica and  Opeka Castle, the home of Count Bombelles who in 1898 came to the City of Varaždin with a motor car “Nesselsdorfer”, and with this has given Varaždin the status of the first Croatian motorised city. Going to Selnica and visiting the Šardi Oldtimers’ Museum. Driving to Juras farm and its restaurant Kneja. Lunch. Driving to Maruševec Castle and visiting the Castle. Continuing the ride to Krapina. Visiting the Museum of Krapina’s Neanderthals. Returning to Zagreb. Checking in the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

    Day 5: Breakfast. Free time until departure to the airport.

    This travel programme can be arranged throughout the year for groups from 2 to 20 persons. Accommodation is possible in three and four star hotels, while we can organise the transport. Guided tours are given in Croatian, English and German language, while special inquiries have to be made for other languages. All provided information is general and non-binding so please contact us to give you the exact final offer.
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