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    A Classic Odyssey - Slavonia Photo Tour

    During oldtimer tour through Slavonia we will experience the tradition and way of life of industry owners of the time in this region: Johan Stefan (textile industry), Ignjat Gross (metal industry), Kuman (brick factory), Marton brothers (leather factory), Blaž Vukovac (shoemaking factory) – these were all the very first motor car owners in Slavonia.  

    Travel programme:

    Day 1: Arrival to Zagreb and transfer to the hotel. Checking in the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

    Day 2: After breakfast visiting the Ferdinand Budicki Motor Car Museum: presentation of the Museum with a guided tour and short lecture on history and beginnings of automobilism in Croatia, with a special emphasis on the life of Ferdinand Budicki, after whom the Museum was named.  Sightseeing the city with oldtimers with emphasis on automobilistic historical sites. Dinner at the restaurant.

    Day 3: After breakfast starting the tour of Slavonia with oldtimers. Visiting Lonjsko Polje Nature Park with sightseeing. Lunch at the farm of Ravlić Family in Mužilovčica. Driving to Krapje, famous for numerous typical wooden houses from Posavina. It was proclaimed as a village of architectural heritage in 1995 and is an A-category European monument of cultural heritage. Continuing the drive to Đakovo. Upon arrival sightseeing of the city and continuing the trip to Osijek. Upon arrival to Osijek, checking in the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

    Day 4: After breakfast sightseeing of the City of Osijek and driving to the ethno village of Karanac. Sightseeing and lunch in Baranjska kuća. Driving to Kopački Rit Nature Park – guided tour of the Park. Return to Osijek, dinner and overnight stay.
    Day 5: After breakfast going to Vukovar. Checking into the hotel. Sightseeing of Vukovar and the Eltz castle, lunch and continuing the drive to Vinkovci. Meeting with the members of the Stari Sjaj Oldtimers’ Club from Vinkovci. Return to Vukovar, dinner and overnight stay.

    Day 6: After breakfast driving to Ilok. Visiting the Museum of the Town of Ilok. Wine tasting in Ilok wine cellars. Departure for Brodski Stupnik. Lunch at the restaurant of the Zdjelarević hotel and winery. Continuing the trip to Zagreb. Checking in the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

    Day 7: After breakfast visiting the Museums of the City of Zagreb. Viewing the collection of the photos cherishing the visual memories of the City of Zagreb. Photos are grouped according to different themes (streets, squares, people, monuments, panoramic views, graffiti, etc.).
    Transfer to the airport and departure.

    This travel programme can be arranged throughout the year for groups from 2 to 20 persons. Accommodation is possible in three and four star hotels, while we can organise the transport. Guided tours are given in Croatian, English and German language, while special inquiries have to be made for other languages. All provided information is general and non-binding so please contact us to give you the exact final offer.  
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