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    Croatia's sites of Jewish heritage range from archeological relics, to medieval ghetto areas, to synagogues, and to Jewish cemeteries with designs that reflect both Sephardic and Ashkenazic traditions. Our programs and itineraries have been based on historical facts collected by the Jewish Community. Many monuments, former and present-day synagogues and numerous Jewish cemeteries give the evidence of the rich Jewish heritage in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Take a stroll through the history of Zagreb with a tour guide – from the 11th century when the town was founded, to the 14th century when the first Jews came to Zagreb, over the golden years of the 19th century and first years of the 20th century known for the rapid development of the town. Visit Mirogoj, one of the loveliest European cemetery-parks and the Jasenovac memorial centre, the largest concentration camp in Croatia during World War 2. The early presence of Jewish people in Split is evident by the menora motifs featured at the Diocletian Palace as well as the remains of a Jewish cemetery from the 3rd century and the Dubrovnik Synagogue which is one of the best-preserved monuments of the global Sephardic Culture. Have a kosher meal and attend religious ceremonies in the Jewish religious community and discover the rich historic and cultural Jewish heritage in Croatia.

    The activity programme for a ten-day package includes Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik. Packages are available throughout the year. Accommodation is provided at four-star hotels, and transport is possible as part of our organisation, by coach and by air. We also include tour guides in Croatian, Hebrew and English. All information is approximately given and not bounding. Please contact us in order to receive up to date details of our packages.
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