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    Birdwatching in Croatia

    For true lovers of birds

    Mediterranean kingdom of birds
    Take an unforgettable journey through Croatia. On this unique journey for true lovers of birds you will have the opportunity to visit six natural habitats, see three endemic plants and over 150 different bird species, including the special black winged stilt. The area around Nin salt basin is ornithologically very diverse and throughout the year offers shelter to many bird species, some of which are endangered. On the island of Pag, visit the ornithological reserve at Velo blato, an area of exceptional biological importance because it is a habitat for over 160 species of wading birds (Charadriiformes),of which 66 species are nesting birds.

    Enjoy the other features of this area as well: medicinal mud, saltworks, long sandy beaches and delicious specialties, and experience the superb authentic adventure of pristine nature.

    The activity programme for a 6 day package includes: Day 1: Zagreb; Day 2: Pag; Days 3 - 4: Nin; Day 5: Senj; Day 6: Zagreb. Packages are available throughout the year

    Migration through Beauties of Nature
    Only 50 kilometres from Zagreb, in the central Posavina region we come  across  Čigoč,  the  first  European  stork  village  in  which  the number of storks exceeds the number of inhabitants. There is also the Lonjsko polje Nature Park, a flood area which is habitat to 243 various  bird  species.  As  expected,  birdwatching  in  such  areas  is a sheer pleasure. Follow the Premužićeva staza, hiking path in the Northern  Velebit  National  Park  and  discover  the  diverse  world  of fauna and flora, just like at the Paklenica National Park, an area of birds  of  prey  and  owls  which  have  become  the  most  endangered bird  species  in  Croatia. 

    Apart  from  being  incredibly  beautiful, Zrmanja River offers numerous ornithological attractions while the reserve at Vransko jezero offers birdwatching of rare marsh-birds. Complete your experience of natural beauty at Biokovo, a mountain that  somehow  dives  out  of  the  sea  offering  some  incredible panoramic views over the Makarska Riviera and Zabiokovlje from its peaks and view-points, giving you the chance to absorb the entire peacefulness and beauty of this magnificent area.

    The activity programme for a five-day package includes: day 1. Lonjsko polje Nature Park - Krapje đol Ornithological Reserve; day 2. Northern Velebit National Park; day 3. Paklenica National Park and Zrmanja River; day 4. Vransko jezero Nature Park; day 5. Biokovo Nature Park. 

    Mailand to Costal Flights with Ease
    Bird-watching  is  one  of  the  most  beautiful  ways  to  relax  in nature,  and  their  flying,  singing  and  nesting  has  a  magical attraction.  Visit  Kopački  rit  Nature  Park,  an  area  protected with  an  internationally  significant  Convention  on  Wetlands, especially as a habitat of marsh-birds. Continue the journey towards  the  Lonjsko  polje  Nature  Park  which  is  the  largest protected marsh area, not only in Croatia but within the entire Danube River basin.
    In these parts you should be able to see some wonderful bird species that habit and nest here. In the same way migrating birds keep going south toward reserves with birds of prey, visit Cres, an island which is one of the last habitats of the Griffon Vulture and end your flight on the delta of  Neretva,  important  for  migration  and  where  birds  spend the  wintertime,  admiring  the  beauties  of  nature’s  creations surrounded by many of your new feathery friends.

    The activity programme for a six-day package includesday 1. Kopački rit Nature Park - Podunavlje; day 2. Lonjsko polje Nature Park - Krapje đol Ornithological Reserve; day 3. Cres Island; day 4. Paklenica National Park - Zrmanja River; day 5. Vransko jezero Nature Park; day 6. Delta of Neretva River.

    Bird Empires of Croatian Ponds
    Birds and fish are an inherent part of nature which, combined represent  richness  of  life  and  natural  beauties.  Discover  the hidden treasure in the ponds of continental Croatia and head towards the Crna mlaka ponds, marsh and forest area in the Valley  of  River  Kupa  which  is  habitat  of  various  bird  species. After watching these wonderful fliers, climb the greenness of Mount  Žumberak  for  your  deserved  dose  of  fresh  air.  In  the catchments  of  the  Rivers  Ilova,  Toplica  and  Čavlovica  visit Poljana pond, habitat of different bird species such as the white-tailed eagle and sawbill duck, but equally otters, beavers, and lovers  of  fresh  clean  water  who  enjoy  this  untouched  nature.

    Jelas  ponds  are  part  of  a  special  ornithological  reserve  and habitat for many different bird species such as spoonbills, grey herons,  whiskered  terns,  black-headed  gulls,  greylag  geese and  others  where  you  can  enjoy  the  lushness  of  nature  and hospitality of a real bird’s empire.

    The activity programme for a four-day package includes: day 1. Crna mlaka - Žumberak Nature Park; day 2. Ilova - Toplica - Čavlovica; day 3. surroundings of Slavonski Brod; day 4. Zagreb - Sava River.

    Following Birds from Ludbreg to Donji Miholjac
    Following the Drava River from the Ludbrega to Donji Miholjac, amateur or professional ornithologist will have the opportunity to enjoy many species of birds and the beautiful countryside of the Croatian mainland. Additional attractions are the fish ponds located near the Drava River which as artificial wetlands act as nesting, feeding and wintering ground for birds.
    Key activities and attractions: The town of LUDBREG is said to be THE CENTER OF THE WORLD due to its Roman history and location in relation to other towns and cities in the world;
    Zagreb is Croatia’s capital city yet still offers hidden corners on the Sava River where numerous birds can be seen.

    The activity programme for the four-day program include: Day 1 Drava River fish ponds, Day 2 Grudnjak fish ponds Day 3  Donji Miholjac fish ponds, Day 4 Zagreb and Sava River.

    Upon the Perfect Wings of Freedom
    Birds  have  always  been  a  symbol  of  freedom  and  the  ease with which they fly has, for a long time, been an inspiration to many while listening to their song is a special delight. Get to know the hidden secrets of nature watching birds in their natural environment on numerous sites along the Drava River where  you  can  admire  various  bird  species  that  live  here without  interruption.  Observe  the  birds  from  a  boat  within the marsh area of the Kopački rit Nature Park, and listen to the  magical  sounds  of  the  golden  oriole  and  nightingale  in the Papuk Nature Park.

    Visit the Lonjsko polje Nature Park, one of the largest flood areas in Europe and habitat of many bird  species,  as  well  as  Čigoč,  the  European  stork  village and enjoy gazing at these perfect fliers. On the top of Mount Žumberak  with  a  beautiful  view  over  the  magnificent  flora and fauna specific for this part of Croatia, enjoy the delights becoming as one with nature and unleash your free spirit as if you were a bird. 

    he activity programme for a five-day package includes: day  1.  Drava  and  Podravina;  day  2.  Kopački  rit  Nature  Park  -  Podunavlje  in  the  municipality  of  Bilje; day  3.  Nature  Park  Papuk  -  Jelas  polje;  day  4.  Lonjsko  polje  Nature  Park  -  Krapje  đol  Ornithological  Reserve; day  5.  Crna  mlaka  -  Žumberak  Nature  Park.  

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