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    Take a break in the charming and culturally rich city of Zagreb. Explore and enjoy the city with us and our specially designed cultural programs.


    Step into history as our guides dressed as famous personalities of Croatian past lead you through the secrets of the capital city, Zagreb – a city where tradition meets contemporary thought and vision. Take the panoramic ride through the many parks that are strung throughout this city, stroll along the streets of the medieval Upper Town and listen to stories of the past, have your photo taken in front of the colorful St. Mark's Church and catch the best view of Zagreb from under the Lotrščak Tower. Complete your journey with a coffee in one of Zagreb’s many cafes and taste the unique pepper biscuit, all in the company of guides who remain in their roles from 19th century Croatia.


    GINGER BREAD HEART - Licitar is an exquisitely decorated cake made of honey dough. Since days of old the secret of licitar making has been kept within a family handicraft of licitar sellers from the central and eastern Croatia. Although licitar is entirely made of edible ingredients, it is primarily used as a souvenir giving great joy to the eyes and soul. Traditionally, licitar has been made in a red-hot color and in various shapes and sizes. Small licitars are made in the shape of a heart, cherry, doll, small bird, mushroom, horse-shoe, small wreath and horse. They are favorite Christmas tree decorations in many Croatian homes. Bigger licitars are used as gifts to loved ones for special occasions. A young boy giving a heart-shaped licitar to his girlfriend in order to declare his love and devotion to her is a custom deeply-rooted in the Croatian ethnic heritage.


    The task is to save Grič from the evil witch who brings sickness, the flue, the bad weather. In order to save the town you have to find the three good witches, and take something from them, they will give you a heart with a mirror, a garlic, and a song that will ruin the Grič witch if you say it correctly.

    On your journey through the history of Grič, you will meet four witches, and only one of them is bad. Your duty is to see through her, destroy her magic and give her to Zagorka.


    Experience the dynamic performance of traditional folk dancing and music, feel the energy, temperament, comedy found in tradition dancing. Get caught up in the colorful performance and join in the choreography – easy to learn and great for making your night a memorable one. 


    Demonstration and workshop of medieval life followed by medieval knights tournament and fights.
    All performers are costumed in replicas of medieval costumes. The costumes are made in the traditional way and according to historic interpretation (flag carrier, drummer, court ladies, a thief, archers, knights, etc). A battle performance of a fight with burring wooden mace will be presented in slow motion to demonstrate the skills necessary to conduct such a fight. If weather (wind) permits a performance with fire swallowing will be staged at the end of the program. All participants are encouraged to actively take part in demonstration of arms that have been made as replicas of historic weapons. They will have the opportunity to learn the basic skills and demonstrate their knowledge with experienced knights, archers, etc.


    Unique program created to give our visitors the opportunity to enjoy private music performances from high class Croatian Musicians to prodigy students. Concerts are held in selected locations; private homes (traditional or modern salons of Zagreb families), Villas and exclusive rooms such as the Golden Hall in the Opatička Street, which is one of the most beautiful rooms in a historic building closed for public. Only Musical Soirees will enable you to experience the Croatian way of life and enjoy more then 100 years old tradition of home concerts. Home concerts were a part of everyday life throughout history for many Zagreb families.
    Food: We usually serve strukli and wine or strawberries and champagne depending on season. We are open to your suggestions we could hire a Croatian Food Designer Ana Ugarković, or a French Chef to create the menu and even prepare the food.



    A unique cultural and tourist product that presents Zagreb in a different way.
    The program takes place in the cultural and historical city center and the participants are divided into teams for discovering the sights of Zagreb. Group guides are well-known historical persons from Zagreb's history - August Šenoa, Marija Juric Zagorka, AG Matoš and others. The program has a competitive character as the faster team gets a reward. Participants are divided into teams with customized names (according to group profile). During the search they discover hidden cultural and historical treasures of Zagreb using "treasure cards", the presentation they heard and a city map. At all locations, participants will have the opportunity to read an interesting story or find out about Zagreb's secrets, making it an interesting way to learn more about Zagreb. Duration 2-3hrs.


    Did you know that street lamps in the Upper Town are lit by hand? Meet the lamp lighters and help them bring light to the Upper Town. Participants can light the lamps themselves and feel the age-long tradition of Zagreb streets. Gas lamps have been bringing light to the Upper Town in Zagreb since 1863. There are 217 gas lamps and they have been hand lit for the past 150 years. Even today, in the age of Internet and spaceships we still bring the light to our Upper Town this way!


    This walk through time and space, life and art of the famous Croatian sculptor, is a unique experience for art lovers. A rich collection of ten public sculptures and monuments, two architectural achievements and numerous works found in three museums and three churches give insight to the artist's creativity in general, as well as presenting an interesting range of topics that he was intrigued by. The topics include portraits of historical figures, symbolic themes, allegories, heroic scenes and a special dedication to the female figure through the theme of motherhood and nude portrayal. The sculptures in the churches present Meštrović’s sacral art. His time in Zagreb was an extremely productive period which lasted for twenty years.

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