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    Oldtimer Odyssey

    Attractive travel programmes through the history of automobilistic culture in Croatia 


    Oldtimer odyssey is a unique travel programme through Croatian automobilistic history, inspired by an interesting story of 115 years of automobilism in Croatia, as presented in the Motor Car Museum Ferdinand Budicki in Zagreb.
    Appearance of the first motor cars and their drivers in Croatian cities, first Croatian rallies, international rallies passing through Croatia, and establishment of automobilistic clubs has favoured the developmental path of motor cars - from elite symbol of aristocratic status through automobilistic sports and all the way to a daily need without which it is difficult to imagine our modern lives. The first Croatian motor car club was established in 1906 with the purpose “to be social, professional and scientific interface for spreading and advancing motor car sports in Croatia”. The Club organised numerous excursions and the very first rally, following the example of Austria and Hungary. 


    Ferdinand Budicki – Zagreb’s Automobilistic Icon

    In the field of technical and sport culture Ferdinand Budicki, after whom the Motor Car Museum was named, was a pioneer of automobilistic, motorcycling and cycling sports in Croatia, a balloonist, adventurer and a global trotter, constructor, businessman and founder of different institutions. During this travel programme we will also follow the route of the first rally that was held in 1912. 

    Programme: Zagreb-Varaždin–Kumrovec–Trakošćan–Selnica–Zagreb
    Women's Oldtimer Photo Rally Alma Balley

    Ferdinand Budicki drove the first motor car to Zagreb in 1901, while 13 years later the very first woman Alma Balley set behind the wheel and passed the driver’s exam that same year. This route will partly follow the route of the historical 2nd Croatian Motor Car Rally organised 6-9 October 1913 by the First Croatian Motor Car Club, which took the route Zagreb-Plitvice-Sušak-Zagreb.

    Programme:  Zagreb – PP Žumberak – Karlovac – NP Plitvička jezera – Rastoke – Opatija – PP Učka – Zagreb

    Classic Odyssey - Dalmatia Photo Tour

    The first international Dalmatian motor car race Omiš-Split-Omiš with 11 motor cars sprung a huge interest for automobilistic sports in Dalmatia and had the tendency to become a tourist attraction which attracted tourists in the same way as Dalmatia did with its natural beauties. 

    Programme:  Split – Solin – Trogir – Šibenik – NP Krka – PP Vransko Jezero – Zadar

    A Classic Odyssey - Dubrovnik - Zagreb Photo Tour

    The first carriages appeared in Dubrovnik at the end of 19th century, and shortly after that came the first motor car. The first cabs in Dubrovnik appeared in 1907. Soon the first power plant was built and hence the first tram came to Dubrovnik in 1910. This was the beginning of the modern technological era of Dubrovnik. 

    Programme:  Dubrovnik-Ston-Mljet-Konavle-Zagreb

    A Classic Odyssey - Slavonia Photo Tour

    The first motor vehicle in Slavonia was bought by the family of the Count of Eltz from Vukovar and then afterwards by several industry owners from Vinkovci. However, the first motorization of these parts of Croatia dates back to Austro-Hungarian Army that used several cars and even owned the first bus and fire fighting vehicle.  

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