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    Innocent and Beautiful Šolta

    Summer on the island of Šolta is pretty, but autumn is even prettier! Would you like to try harvesting the olives and bring home your own bottle of olive oil? Indigenous Dobričić is waiting for you to taste it. Did you know that St. Martin is specially celebrated in Donje Selo where you can find his Brotherhood networked in international association which is why they have a St. Martin's footprint? There are many reasons to come and enjoy in programs that we made for you. Also to sing with us: S ponistre se vidi Šolta…

    5 days programme – November 2015

    1st day - WELCOME
    Arrival by private boat from the Airport Split nearby Pillar. 
    Instead of a regular transfer you will enjoy a sightseeing trip along UNESCO heritage town Trogir, island Čiovo and Šolta coast with pebble beaches and green sceneries. Warming up with a local welcome drink at your host’s house in the village of your choice.  Dinner will be served at a local Konoba-Inn where you will get your programme for picking olives the next day. The local wine, good bed and peaceful atmosphere guarantee a perfect sleep. 
    Good night!

    2nd day - IN OLIVE GROVES
    Good morning!
    Breakfast is on your own or arranged by your host throughout the stay. 
    Today get a good one because picking olives is exhausting but rewarding work. You will be taught how to do it and rewarded for your effort. Midday break meal will be served in the open air as a simple but good food that locals eat in the olive groves. Before dark you will return to your temporary home to have a good rest. Dinner is on your own in your apartment or in a local restaurant.
    Good night!

    Good morning! 
    Have you slept well? No doubt! It is time to visit the olive mill and see how some of the best olive oils are produced. The whole island is known for excellent olive oil from the authentic Levatinka/Šoltanka or most popular Oblica. You will fill in your own bottle of island gold Levatinka. Dinner will consist of olive and sardine appetisers, octopus with pasta, marinated fish, Dalmatian rožata desert accompanied by Dobričić vine. Dobričić is an authentic grape and another great story for your harvest next September.
    Good night!

    Good morning!
    St. Martin is a patron of Donje selo. Therefore do not miss Holy Mass and the village feast with Klapa, a capella singers, and local customs related to St. Martin’s Day. Learn about St.Martin’s brotherhood, St.Martin’s footstep and European Cultural Centre St. Martin from Tour. Start celebrating this day with Holy Mass, enjoy in educational presentations and tours. Finish the day hanging out with a glass of wine!
    Would you like to visit villages with preserved stone architecture and its historical artifacts or participate in the fascinating life of bees at Tvrdić Honey grounds or enjoy art at Buktenica naive painter gallery presented by Vicko Buktenica. a real renaissance man of today.  Each village has its own celebrity in people and history. If you are more interested in individual or group sports and recreation there is a great variety: fishing, sailing, diving, cycling, climbing, hiking, tennis, arrow shooting, paintball, football, volleyball, wine drinking and others. Hard decision to make. Farewell 4 courses Dinner will be served in an old tradition of vine Christening including Pašticada, local meat meal, or Peka with fish and vegetables. 
    Sleep well!

    5th day - TIME TO SAY GOODBYE
    Good morning!
    It is time to say goodbye! But before, do not forget to take your Family photo. Private transfer to the Airport will show you some of fascinating Split and some of Diocletian Palace, if your travel schedule permits.
    Have a nice trip and do come back. 

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