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    We may also offer organizing of flights in smoller private airplanes or choppers as well as charter programs for group.
    By using AMADEUS reservation system and numerous other online systems, we may offer air tickets of all global air transport companies such as: Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways, Alitalia, CSA, Malev, Austrian Airlines and low budget carriers –companies such as German Wings, WizzAir, Ryanair, Easy Jet, Sky Europe Airlines.

    The Czech air transport company ČSA will compete with the low budget air carriers through its company Click4Sky which offers tickets for 36 cities, including also Ljubljana and Belgrade.

    The unique price for every ticket to any destination in 22 countries amounts to EUR 72, and for a return ticket EUR 144 In order to get such a price you have to stay in the chosen destination at least for 3 days or spend there a night during a week end. This price includes tax, and in contrast to other low budget carriers it includes refreshment, too.


    When it was founded, this first low budget air carrier launched revolution in the air transport business. Today some 42 million travelers make use of Ryanair services per year.
    From Croatia they fly from Pula and Zadar to London, mostly to Stansted and Luton airports, from where a 65-75 minute-drive will take you to London. While booking your air ticket we shall book your transfer, too.

    The German low budget air carrier Germanwings possesses a modern fleet of airbus A319/320 airplanes. The network of destinations of this German company includes also 4 cities in Croatia: Zagreb, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik, from where there are flights to almost all bigger cities in Germany: Munich from Zagreb, and other German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Cologne-Bonn, Dresden, Leipzig from Zagreb and Split. From Zadar you may fly to Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Cologne and Bonn.


    The leading European low budget air carrier, easyJet has a fleet with almost 200 airplanes and over 130 destinations, thus connecting 70 airports in more than 20 countries. Easy Jet has flights to Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb.


    This Hungarian air carrier has flights from Split to London.
    The airplanes usually land in Luton, from where there is a 1,5 h-drive to London. With your air ticket you may also buy a bus ticket for transfer from the airport in Luton to London... Wizz Air follows in a consistent manner the trend of the low budget prices of other low budget air carriers, and its advantage is that from the neighboring Budapest you may reach almost all the bigger cities in Europe at very convenient prices.


    If your destination is in Scandinavia: Oslo, Goteborg, Copenhagen or Stockholm, you may reach them with Scan Jet-from Croatian cities Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar and Rijeka, however at the moment only in the period from April to October.

    Flybe has a fleet of 70 airplanes. It is well known for its ecological attitudes and for its protection of the natural environment.

    Flybe is the only low cost air carrier that offers all services for business travelers, Flybe Economy Plus and various FF programs. They have recently promoted the new FF program Rewards4all, the new awarding scheme, which enables you to collect miles regardless if you fly with an economy ticket or an economy plus one or if this is a business travel or a leisure one. If Birmingham is your destination, you may fly with this air carrier from Split and Dubrovnik.

    Norwegian Air Shuttle AS is a low cost– point-to-point air carrier, a member of EFLFAA (European Low Fares Airline Association), whose seat is in Forneb close to Oslo. Today they fly to 116 destinations and have a fleet of 73 airplanes.
    From Split and Dubrovnik they fly to Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim, while from Pula there is a flight to Oslo. An early booking is the most important thing with Norwegian Air Shuttle, as well as with other low cost air carriers, if you want to get the most convenient price for your flight.

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