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    Dental Tourism

    We at Globtour Event are proud to offer you the best in dental treatment combined with the charming beauty Croatia has to offer.

    Why bother with the stress of looking for and waiting in lines at various dental clinics when you can enjoy a relaxing vacation in Zagreb and even visit the Adriatic coast. Let us design your trip and stay in Croatia to your taste while your dental needs will be taken care of by one of the best specialists and professionals in Europe.


    4. Continuous professional training
    “The needs of the patients today sometimes go beyond the capacity of a single doctor’s office. With that in mind, associating the leading institutions and resources is the only right way of fulfilling all the needs our patients have and also for improving the quality of the dental treatment.

    Cromatology Dental Group is an association of institutions which practice dental medicine based on the idea of combining knowledge and resources for the benefit of the patient. The association of institutions is based on the following notions:

    1. The satisfaction of the patient
    2. A multidisciplinary approach
    3. Dental medicine based on evidence
    5. Highest ethical and scientific standards
    6. Flexibility and speed

    Cromatology Dental Group is an association which, by using only the highest professional standards in its everyday work, promotes the idea of advanced dental medicine of the 21st century. Among the many services the members of the group have to offer are the special features which separate them from the competition:

    •    Treatment of patients with prominent dental phobia
    •    All on 4-6 dental implants
    •    Preventive dental care
    •    Minimally invasive dental medicine
    •    3D diagnostics
    •    Treatment of long-term painful conditions
    •    Removal of functional problems
    •    TMJ therapy
    •    Individual therapy
    •    ISO standard 9001, 14001

    Here is a small glimpse into the expertise of the Cromatology Dental Group.

    Dental polyclinic Apolonija
    Dental polyclinic Apolonija is a polyclinic for dental diagnostic, orthodontics and prosthetics. It is founded on a 40-year long tradition of private practice, the application of the most contemporary technology and the continuous improvement in all branches of stomatology. It is one of the oldest private dental clinics in Croatia and it was created as an upgrade of Dr. Mira Jukić Laus’ traditional family dental office situated in Ilica 19, Zagreb.

    Polyclinic iDent
    The polyclinic offers services in periodontology, oral surgery, dental prosthetics, orthodontics and radiology, namely panoramic radiographs. Situated in Jurišićeva 19/II (in the Rotonda center) in Zagreb, the polyclinic is equipped with modern instruments enabling it to perform all the surgical services provided, as well as to diagnose and treat even the most complex problems, which are more common in the world. Polyclinic Ident also follows modern trends in dental health care and offers a complete dental service – from prevention to diagnostics and treatment. Fast and high quality services, alongside an individual approach to each client, are the imperatives on which we base our polyclinic.

    Dentist’s office Cekić
    Dentist’s office Cekić is a family dental medicine clinic which is based on the application of the highest professional standards in its everyday work. It was founded in 1992 as a specialist dental clinic for periodontology and oral medicine and gradually developed into a center for oral rehabilitation of patients whose problems demand a multidisciplinary approach. In its everyday work, dentist’s office Cekić covers all segments of modern dental medicine, while narrowly specializing in working with patients who have a prominent dental phobia as well as with dental implant rehabilitation of completely toothless and almost toothless patients.”
    As a Carlson Wagonlit travel partner for Croatia and the region we are able to design your trip from any location in the world with ease and with lower expenses.

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    We're looking forward to your smile.
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