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    Island Pag

    Ethno and gastro heritage of the island Pag

    A 4-day historical and cultural tour of the island of Pag, highlighting Pag's uniqueness in Croatian and world history, and the island's contributions to the world. The island of PAG – 5th biggest Croatian island, known by the first class sheep cheese, lamb, manufacture of the sea salt and especially by the famous lace („paška čipka“).


    Day 1 PAG

    Arrival to Pag. Accommodation in the hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

    Day 2 PAG - LUN - KOLAN

    Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the local guide and departure to sightseeing of the town Pag. Visit to the Museum of salt. Salt factory in Pag bases its manufacturing on a thousand years old tradition for manufacturing salt. Established in the 16th century, it is the biggest salt factory in the northeastern part of Croatia. Natural advantages are used for manufacturing - Pag has clean environment, a lot of sunny days and suitable wind – that is why the quality of salt from Pag is among the best in the world (it contains up to 75 minerals and most of them are imperative to human health, that is why the salt from Pag is unavoidable part of every healthy diet).

    After visiting the museum departure to the Lace museum in the centre of Pag. Visit to the museum with the curator. THE PAG LACE – kind of lace that distinguishes itself with the exceptional beauty of pattern, quality and a few centuries old tradition of manufacturing. „White Gold“ as it is often called represents cultural good and a valuable example of non material Croatian heritage. Lace handicraft on the island of Pag has a few century old tradition. The first inscriptions date from the 16th century from the Benediction Monastery where the Benedictions were the first ones to create this valuable embroidery and in the 19th century they founded the first „ School of lace handicraft“ to be able to teach new generations. Today the lace from Pag is on the UNESCO list of the „World non material cultural heritage“.


    After visiting the museum, we depart to Lun, where we have lunch in the local rural restaurant. After lunch we walk through the olive groves in Lun. On the way back to Pag stop in Kolan for visit and cheese tasting in one of the most famous cheese factories in Pag. Return to the hotel and dinner. Free time* Overnight. Cheese from the island Pag – hard autochthones sheep cheese that is still produced in a traditional way out of raw sheep milk. Aromatic herbs on the meadows are responsible for the specific taste of the cheese. About 600 families on the island make this famous cheese.

    Day 3 PAG - NIN - ZADAR - PAG

    Breakfast in the hotel. Departure to NIN. On the way to Nin there is a donkey farm „Dar – mar“ that is open for visits. There are other animals on the farm besides donkeys and visitors can pet them, feed them or hear a story about their breeding. It is also possible to taste donkey milk (said to be an aphrodisiac) and hear the story of how this milk is made. The group leaves the farm and continues to Nin. Sightseeing of Nin and the salt pans with the local guide. Nin is the oldest Croatian royal city! There is much to see: the church of the Saint Cross – the smallest cathedral in the world, a 16th century stone bridge, the ruins of the city walls dating back to the Middle Ages and the little church of the Saint Nicholas out of town are the witnesses of a very rich past of this Dalmatian city.


    Continuation to ZADAR. Sightseeing with the local guide. Lunch.** Free time for personal programme. Return to Pag. Dinner in the hotel. Overnight. Zadar – ancient city, built in the middle of the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Thanks to many historical and cultural monuments the town is today actually a monument of various historical cultures through the centuries.

    Day 4 PAG - Goodbye!

    Breakfast in the hotel. Departure.

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