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    Spring and Autumn Festival on Šolta

    Spring and Autumn Festival on Šolta

    Šolta is an island of olive trees and unspoiled nature, and it also boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage. The remains of Roman, medieval and and many other historical periods are visible everywhere. Each village has its own cultural star: Grohote has the Slavić tower, in Donje Selo one can find the footprint of St. Martin; in Nečujam is the Emperor’s pond; the Avlija (courtyard) is in Maslenica; in Gornje Selo there is a sarcophagus which is 1700 years old. An inspiring spring journey begins with a visit to a real bee yard, where you will discover the fascinating lives of bees and have a chance to make your own honey. In the autumn festivities, you can try the olive harvest, and indigenous Dobričić is also waiting for the baptism of wine and the tasting of the olive oil. Welcome!

    Main Attractions: Stay on Šolta; participation in honey-making workshop; introduction to the centuries-old love of the islanders for their olive trees; visit to a local mill and souvenirs workshop; participation in the local celebration of the feast of St. Martin

    A package tour can last from 4 to 8 days. The programme of activities for a four-day package includes: Day: 1 Arrival in Šolta by boat; visit to the heritage castle-hotel Martinis Marchi; Day 2: honey-making workshop; Day 3: activities in an olive grove and cooking workshops; Day 4: visit to the local oil mill and workshops to create unique souvenirs; Day 5: visit to Donje Selo and learning about the local way of celebrating the feast of St. Martin. Packages are available throughout the year for groups from 2 to 20 people. Accommodation is available in private rooms and apartments with 3 or 4 stars and transport is possible in our own or in your organization. Professional guides are available in Croatian, English and German, and on request in other languages. All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required. Photography: Globtour Event; TB Šolta; Vedran Metelko

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